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What Is Airsoft

by Max
What is airsoft

What is airsoft and is it similar to paintball?

Airsoft is a sport where participants eliminate opponents in mock military combat using air-powered replicas of real firearms. The guns are spring-loaded and fire plastic BBs, which spread over large areas when fired.

Airsoft games are usually played indoors at fields, but there are also forest and woodland games that take place outdoors. Airsoft players often refer to themselves as airsofters or snipers.

We also have a full guide on how to be a sniper in airsoft, so if you are interested to learn the art of stealth & long-range airsoft play, be sure to check that out.

If we compare airsoft to paintball, airsoft is different from paintball in a few ways. First, participants can use real guns and are not limited to just paintball markers. Also, airsoft pellets travel faster and further than paintballs; but unlike bullets, they will not penetrate the skin. In fact, airsoft pellets must be made of plastic or another soft material in order to reduce the chance of serious injury.

Airsoft should not be confused with real firearms, because airsoft weapons are designed differently than their real counterparts. They are not designed to fire bullets, and they will not cause serious injury as a result of an impact.

How airsoft was invented?

Airsoft was invented by a man named Tanaka. In the early 20th century, he worked for a Japanese company that manufactured “capsules”. Basically, these capsules were small hard gelatin pills designed to contain drugs. After World War II, the airsoft concept was then developed into what is now known as airsoft guns.

To expand on the History of airsoft a bit more, it was heavily used in law enforcement and military training. In 1971, Tanaka’s company in Japan released the first airsoft gun, known as Tanaka’s Type 100.

Types of airsoft games

There are two main types of airsoft games, skirmishes, and role-playing. Skirmishes usually take place on outdoor fields, and they involve more strategy as well as teamwork to eliminate opponents. The other type is called a “role-playing game”, or RP, where people dress up in camouflage gear and military police outfits to simulate a battle.

Skirmishes usually take place on outdoor fields. These fields are often elaborate with many props, based on a specific theme, and loaded with different objectives for each team to complete in order to win the game.

Airsoft skirmishes rely more heavily on strategy and teamwork. These games are sometimes played individually, and other times in teams. Airsofters often play in groups with 5-10 players on each team; however, there is no set number of players required to play airsoft.

On the other hand, RP’s usually take place indoors on shooting ranges with zero props or landscapes to help set the scene. Rp’s rely heavily on the participants’ creativity and imagination. These games can be a lot more fun as long as everyone has a creative mind!

If you are looking for some inspiration and ideas on where to play airsoft games, be sure to also check your local area for fun landscapes and environments where it is safe to play airsoft.

Some airsoft fields offer both RP and skirmish games. It all depends on that particular field, but most airsoft fields only offer one type of game. For example, some airsoft fields offer only skirmishes while others may focus more on role-playing games; it all varies from field to field! 🙂

How do airsoft guns work?

Airsoft guns use springs as their propellant, meaning that they do not require any sort of gas or battery to fire. Skilled players can adjust the power by changing the spring inside the gun’s chamber. This means that airsofters can find an appropriate level of recoil for them; whether it is light, medium, or heavy.

The basic operation of an airsoft rifle involves cocking back a lever attached to a piston, which then loads the gun and compresses a spring. When the player pulls back on the trigger, the compressed air is released. This propels a 6mm plastic BB out of the barrel at about 340 feet per second (100 meters per second). However, actual muzzle velocities vary depending on how powerful the spring is as well as other factors.

We also have a full guide on how do airsoft guns work, where we go more in-depth about the inner workings of airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns do not operate like real firearms, but they are built to appear real. Airsofters must carry their replica weapons in a carrying case, the size of which varies depending on the gun’s length.

The main rules of airsoft

The main rule of airsoft games is that you must shoot around a person’s “eyes, neck, and groin area” in order to eliminate the target. Shooting someone anywhere else on the body will leave them unharmed. If you hit your target in one of those three places, his/her team will be eliminated from the game. If you would like to know more about how airsoft rules work, please visit Wikipedia’s airsoft page.

  1. You must only shoot someone in the eyes, neck, or groin area in order to eliminate someone from the game
  2. Shooting an airsoft gun at a person is not permitted outside the boundaries of a designated field. It is also illegal to carry your airsoft gun out on public streets or alleys.
  3. If you are ever shot, you must call out “hit!” If you do not say hit! And you are shot a second time, then it is considered cheating. Cheating will result in removal from the game.
  4. All airsoft pistols, rifles, and shotguns should have to be carried in a case when leaving an airsoft field or going onto public streets and alleys.
  5. When you are hit three times, or if you step off the field, your team loses and must leave the airsoft field immediately.
  6. If you have been hit five times then this situation is considered as “out of ammo”. You can no longer shoot nor pick up weapons lying on the ground; however, you can still help your teammates play and strategize.
  7. You must call out hits clearly and loudly; you cannot muffle your voice to avoid elimination.
  8. If you are hit, you must be eliminated from the game immediately. The only exceptions allow for medic and flag carriers (if there is one). These two types of players cannot call hit unless they are holding onto their target’s flag and must keep possession of a red or blue flag in order to play.
  9. When you are hit, you must immediately go to the designated “out-of-bounds” area. If you do not follow the procedure then your team will be disqualified from the game.
  10. You can only shoot at a red or blue flag player that is within 20 feet of you. If they are further than this distance then you cannot attempt to shoot them nor approach them closer unless you have their flag in your possession.

Is it safe to play airsoft games?

Although airsoft guns look real, they are not made for killing. They are designed specifically for recreational play with your friends or family without causing any serious injuries. It is important to understand what parts you should stay away from when handling an airsoft gun (a.k.a airsoft gun safety).

Airsoft gun safety is extremely important because you could get hurt if you do not follow these simple rules. The following information may seem silly or unnecessary to some people, but they are important factors that you should not overlook.

  1. Never point an airsoft gun at anyone or anything unless you intend to shoot it.
  2. Always treat your airsoft gun as if it is loaded and ready to fire at any time (even if it isn’t). Never play with the safety off.
  3. Never carry your airsoft gun with an open or loaded magazine inserted into the barrel of the gun. You must always make sure it is unloaded before you handle it.
  4. Do not store a loaded airsoft gun in your car while going to and playing at games fields. It is best to remove all ammo and safety precautions before you leave.
  5. Always check the barrel of your airsoft gun with a plastic rod before shooting. This ensures that there are no foreign objects such as a pellet or BB stuck in the barrel. If there is, then do not shoot it until you have removed it from the gun.

How do I start?

To be honest, there is no “best” way to jump into the world of airsoft other than renting an airsoft gun and trying it out for yourself! However, we suggest first visiting your local games store to get familiar with what kind of guns are available on the market and different accessories you may need based on your game type (skirmish or RP). Most stores offer rentals so you can try out different guns before deciding which one suits you best. We also suggest joining an online forum where airsofters talk about their favorite gear, share battle reports, and discuss any problems they may encounter along the way!


We hope this article on the interesting history and airsoft rules behind playing airsoft games was entertaining to read. If you have any questions about other details not covered in this post (such as specific gear or gun models), then please comment below and let us know. We will try our best to answer your question!


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