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What Are Airsoft Pellets Made Of?

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What are airsoft pellets made of

What are airsoft pellets?

Airsoft pellets (also known as airsoft BBs) are small spherical projectiles that are used in airsoft guns to propel the plastic bb’s and metal bbs towards a target. They usually come in bags of thousands, with sizes ranging from 5.8mm to 6mm in diameter. The average weight is .12g per pellet with .20g pellets being the most popular. They are made of either plastics or metals, but airsoft pellets contain no gunpowder as they serve only to propel a bb down an airsoft gun’s barrel.

Although one would expect that all BBs and pellets are exactly the same when it comes to their physical structure, this is not the case. Airsoft pellets have many different grades and densities, each grade and density being used for a certain purpose depending on the gun that they are intended for.

As airsoft guns have become more advanced in terms of accuracy, range, and velocity; manufacturers have begun to cater to a specific pellet type suited towards each individual airsoft gun and it’s purpose.

We can differentiate airsoft BB’s based on their size and type, but the pricing of particular BB’s also plays an important role in determining if these particular BB’s are the right choice for your airsoft gun.

What are airsoft pellets made of?

There are basically two types of pellets available on the market: plastic airsoft pellets and metal airsoft pellets. Both have their advantages and disadvantages regarding range, accuracy, power/velocity and durability.

Plastic airsoft pellets

Plastic airsoft pellets are usually made out of solid poly-propylene or ABS plastics. They have a lower kinetic energy output compared to metal airsoft pellets, but are more lightweight and cheaper as well. This makes them the perfect alternative for players who want the best performance in an automatic or semi-auto airsoft gun.

Plastic pellets also do not jam easily as metal ones do and their light weight allows for higher velocities. They do not travel as far as metal pellets, but they are more likely to hit their target as a direct result of their higher velocity and accuracy.

Plastic airsoft pellets are also used a lot in airsoft sniper games since they can cause just as much damage as the heavier metal ones can without having to worry about deformation or jamming. As a result, they are often the only choice for airsoft snipers when it comes to pellets used in airsoft sniper games.

The downside to plastic pellets is that they don’t perform as well in spring-powered guns compared to metal ones due to their lower kinetic energy output and lack of weight which means that they cannot be as accurate with regards to range or power.

Metal airsoft pellets

Metal airsoft pellets are usually made out of steel or alloys ranging from zinc to tungsten. Due to the fact that they are heavier than plastic airsoft pellets, metal airsoft pellets have a higher kinetic energy output (thus giving your guns more power and range). On the other hand, they also suffer from the disadvantage of being very heavy compared to light and high-velocity plastic pellets.

Metal pellets are also very susceptible to friction and are more likely to jam after hitting a hard surface, which is why they should not be used in automatic or semi-auto airsoft guns. They are best suited for single-shot spring powered sniper rifles as the powerful force launching them from the barrel ensures that they travel far enough before encountering any external resistance.

Metal pellets also have an advantage over plastic pellets when it comes to the airsoft sniper game. Since they do not break apart upon impact and can cause more damage, they are compulsory when using airsoft guns for sniping purposes in an airsoft field or competition.

Airsoft snipers also prefer metal pellets due to their consistency and accuracy. Metal pellets will always be of the same size and will not deform when fired from a spring-powered gun, giving them a much more accurate flight path. On the other hand, plastic pellets perform better in automatic airsoft guns due to their lower weight and increased velocity. They also generally do not travel as far as metal pellets since they lack the kinetic energy to do so.

Should I use plastic or metal airsoft pellets?

For airsoft players and snipers who are looking for maximum performance in their airsoft gun, metal pellets are the way to go. However, those who want a cheap alternative that will still perform well should consider going with plastic pellets due to their lower price tag.

Overall, both plastic and metal airsoft pellets have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose of the airsoft gun they are used in. However, when it comes to snipers looking for maximum results in an airsoft sniper game, metal pellets are almost always superior to plastic ones due to their increased accuracy and power.

They also have different properties when it comes to disposing of them, so be sure to read more about environmental safety for airsoft pellets.


Airsoft pellets are the ammunition for airsoft guns. They are usually made out of plastic or metal to cater to various applications and situations in airsoft play. Metal pellets are heavier, more powerful and much more consistent with regards to weight and size compared to light and high-velocity plastic ones which makes them an ideal choice for airsoft snipers. However, due to their kinetic energy and weight, metal pellets have the tendency to jam after hitting a hard surface.

Plastic airsoft pellets are much less consistent with regards to weight and size as well since they are generally light and small in order to maximize their velocity. This means that plastic pellets perform better in automatic airsoft guns but do not travel as far as metal pellets.

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