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How To Change The Spring On Airsoft M4?

by Max
How to change the spring on airsoft m4

This is a guide to changing the spring on standard airsoft M4s. Most high-power airsoft guns are also known as AEG, and they all use different types of springs. If you would like to change your gun’s strength, this article will tell you how!

The tools required for this job are:

  • A pair of pliers
  • A screwdriver
  • A 9v battery
  • 2 or more AAA batteries (for removing the grip)
  • A can of compressed air

Always wear safety glasses and ear defenders while working on your airsoft gun.

How to change the spring on airsoft M4?

So how to change the spring on airsoft M4? It’s very easy, but you can cause serious injury if you aren’t careful! We strongly suggest that only experienced users attempt this.

Step 1 – Remove the magazine from your airsoft M4. Put the safety on, then remove the battery. The airsoft gun can now fire even if you remove the magazine because there is a small lever that keeps the spring under tension.

Step 2 – Take out the barrel by first turning it 90 degrees counterclockwise and slide it forward until it unplugs from its position inside your gun. Then slide it out. The hop-up assembly will still be in position and has to be removed too.

Step 3 – Take off the grip of your airsoft gun by unscrewing the screws on its upper part (these are usually tri-headed). Once that is done, pull the grip down and take it off completely.

Step 4 – With the battery removed, there will be a spring on either side of the gearbox. Remove them by pulling them down with your hand and sliding them off. You can now see inside your airsoft gun.

Step 5 – One way to make an airsoft gun weaker is to use only one battery instead of two or three. If you look closely you will see that one of your batteries is connected to a longer spring. You should remove this spring and replace it with the one from your old battery.

Step 6 – Put the barrel back and screw it in place on top of the gearbox. Take care not to cross-thread it! Now slide in your hop rubber tube and an air nozzle, making sure that the hop-up assembly is on top of its position. Screw in your grip and put the batteries back into their slots.

How often to change the spring on airsoft M4?

It is not necessary to do it often, since changing the spring on airsoft M4 does not improve the performance of your gun. If anything, it will lower its power. The only advantage is that you can easily switch between different types of batteries.

You might be wondering why we need to change the spring in our airsoft guns. It’s a common misconception, but springs do break down over time. If you don’t change the spring every now and then, it will cause your airsoft gun to jam. Then you’ll have to get a new one… Yikes!

Airsoft rifle maintenance

Keep your airsoft gun well maintained at all times. Make sure to clean it after each use and not to store it loaded with a magazine in place. Check the screws regularly to make sure they aren’t loose, which will cause damage. If you take good care of your airsoft gun, it will last for years!

For a more detailed guide on airsoft M4 maintenance, be sure to read how to clean an airsoft m4.

Tips on changing the spring

Changing the spring on airsoft M4 can be tricky if you’ve never done it before. If you use the wrong springs, you might end up breaking your gun!

Don’t cross-thread the screws. If you do, they will either break or become useless in holding parts together. Be careful not to cut yourself when changing the spring on airsoft M4s! Always wear safety glasses and ear defenders while working on your airsoft gun.

Spraying from a can of compressed air into the barrel will help remove dirt and debris. By doing this you’ll have a much better shot on your range every time.


Changing the airsoft spring on your M4 is not difficult, but it can be hazardous if you don’t follow the steps! Don’t forget to read our safety tips and always wear safety glasses. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below and I’ll try to help you out!

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