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How An Airsoft Grenade Launcher Works?

by Max

What is an airsoft grenade launcher?

Airsoft grenade launchers are airsoft devices that resemble real-life grenade launchers.

However, instead of firing an explosive projectile, they fire a spherical airsoft “pellet” or “BB”. The airsoft pellets used with these grenade launchers have varying diameters, and some even come in different shapes (such as stars and rings).

Airsoft grenade launchers can be divided into two categories: airsoft grenade launchers that fire airsoft pellets and those that fire real BBs.

How an airsoft grenade launcher works?

Airsoft grenade launchers function in the same way as real-life grenade launchers are and they are designed to fire at a speed that will ensure maximum force upon impact since airsoft pellets or BBs fired from these devices have a much lower mass than standard projectiles used in airguns and airsoft guns.

Some airsoft grenade launchers are also designed in such a way that the projectile is spin-stabilized (rather than fin-stabilized, as with many airsoft guns) to further improve accuracy.

Airsoft grenade launchers may differ in construction. While some are made of plastic, others can be constructed from metal alloys and even high-density

Airsoft grenade launchers that fire pellets or BBs function very differently.

First, airsoft grenade launchers that use airsoft pellets are constructed using a pneumatic mechanism. In these grenade launchers, the air is forced into a chamber containing airsoft pellets. The pellet which has been loaded at the back will be propelled out in front via the force of the air.

The airsoft grenades that fire real BBs are actually more like bullet launchers than grenade launchers. When a trigger in an airsoft grenade launcher is pulled, the mechanism compresses a spring by storing elastic energy. When compressed, air seeps into one or both ends of the device’s barrel and propels a small, hard plastic BB forward.

Airsoft grenade launchers that fire pellets are currently far more common than those that shoot real BBs, and there are also many airsoft players who dislike the latter because they feel that it is too similar to firing a firearm.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the types of airsoft grenade launchers on the market today.

Airsoft grenade launchers that fire pellets

The airsoft pellet launched by an airsoft grenade launcher will travel much faster than a real BB (usually around 160-170 m/s). On the other hand, it can also be easily deflected by wind and is not as accurate as a real BB. Airsoft players who wish to engage in long-range combat will find airsoft grenades very useful, as they can serve as a substitute for real grenades.

Googling around will turn up several types of airsoft grenade launchers for you; here is a list of some of the most popular ones:

Airsoft grenade launchers that fire BBs

BB airsoft grenades are generally not as powerful as those that fire pellets; BBs only travel around 100 m/s, making them less accurate. They also give you no sense of realism when used in combat (they don’t leave any “holes” in targets). Despite this, many players find them to be more enjoyable to shoot (because they are like real guns in terms of both looks and performance).

Airsoft grenade launchers that fire BBs can be divided into gas-powered and spring-powered ones. Spring airsoft grenade launchers use a lever mechanism that stores the elastic energy; this is then released when you pull the trigger. Gas-powered grenade launchers use a gas-powered piston to compress air and store elastic energy.

Main differences between airsoft BB grenade launcher and gas-powered grenade launcher

Airsoft grenade launchers that fire BBs are more expensive than airsoft grenade launchers that fire pellets.

Gas-powered airsoft grenade launchers are usually the most expensive because they use metal parts and have a gas canister to propel BBs. Plastic airsoft grenades cost less than those using metal parts; however, their construction is not as sturdy, and they may not last as long.

Airsoft grenade launchers that fire BBs usually run on single-shot mode; in this case, only one BB is fired with every pull of the trigger. On the other hand, gas-powered airsoft grenade launchers tend to have multiple fire modes: semi-auto, auto, or even burst.

Should I use an airsoft grenade launcher as a beginner?

If you want to spend as little on airsoft gear as possible, then don’t buy an airsoft grenade launcher. Most experienced players do not recommend them because they are expensive and have low accuracy.

Instead of buying an airsoft BB grenade launcher, you can start off by using airsoft pistols or rifles if you wish to engage in long-range combat. If you don’t like shooting as a sport and just want to have some fun, then pellet airsoft grenade launchers are probably the way to go as they can be used in CQB (close-quarter battle) scenarios that usually take place indoors.

The main things to look for when buying an airsoft grenade launcher (regardless of whether you want one that fires BBs or pellets) are:

– Sturdy build (this is especially if your airsoft grenade launcher will be used for long periods during battles);

– Adjustable hop-up to improve accuracy;

– Device weight – Spring airsoft grenade launchers tend to weigh less than gas-powered ones, but they may not be as sturdy.

How to use an airsoft grenade launcher

Airsoft grenade launchers are usually fired from the hip or over your shoulder; this is because they can’t really be aimed accurately (they don’t have a sight). The general technique for using them is to find cover and hold down the trigger until you see that the BBs are landing on your target. Don’t hold the trigger down for too long as airsoft grenades don’t have a lot of power and may not penetrate far targets.

Airsoft grenade launchers can be used to engage in CQB (close-quarter battle), but they aren’t very accurate when fired at close range. They can also be used in medium-range combat if you’re behind cover.

The best airsoft grenade launchers for CQB are those that use BBs, because they have a greater chance of penetrating targets. Pellet airsoft grenades should only be used at medium to long-range as their accuracy is greatly affected by the wind and their velocity decreases over time.


If you are already experienced in airsoft combat and wish to engage in long-range combat, you should consider using an airsoft gun launcher instead of a BB one. The main advantage of these types of weapons is their accuracy: if you practice with them properly and learn how to aim precisely, you can hit your target from a distance of up to 100 m. The disadvantage is that many airsoft players do not like this type of grenade launcher because they feel it is too similar to firing a firearm.

Overall, the most important factor for choosing between airsoft pellet launchers and BB airsoft grenade launchers is probably comfort: if you like shooting BBs and grenades, you’re probably better off with a BB airsoft grenade launcher. If you prefer realism and long-range combat, go for the airsoft pellet launchers!

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