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How To Lower FPS In Airsoft?

by Max
How to lower FPS in airsoft

What is airsoft FPS?

FPS in airsoft stands for Feet Per Second. The speed of a bb with an airsoft gun depends on how fast the armature can move. When you pull the trigger to shoot, and all other mechanisms work as they should, then the bb will go out at a certain speed: that is called FPS no matter what kind of gun it is: electric, spring, or gas.

The FPS of airsoft guns is measured in feet per second (FPS). The standard value for most airsoft guns is 350fps. However, it may vary from gun to gun and even among different brands. It’s important to know what FPS your airsoft gun has because you will need this data when playing games or competing with others.

Radical differences in FPS can result in varying damage to the target, and they are considered illegal when playing airsoft games. If you’re a novice player, then it is important that you have your gun checked by an expert before getting into any game or competition. In most cases, anything below 350fps is legal while guns with an FPS above 400 are considered assault rifles which is why they’re not permitted in most airsoft games.

How to lower FPS in airsoft?

To lower FPS, a special tool is needed and that tool is called a speed loader. As you understand from the name itself, it is used to load the spring of your airsoft gun.

These speed loaders exist in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose one that most fits your gun. To lower the fps on your airsoft you have to buy a loader the same size as your inner barrel. The type of loader depends on the size of your inner barrel:

When you use a loader that is too small for your inner barrel, the spring will be tighter and it will give more power to your airsoft. If the size of the loader is too big for one reason or another (for example if it was made from poor quality metal) then there is a risk that you are going to damage the inner barrel.

If you use a loader that is too big for your inner barrel, then the spring will be loose and thus it won’t have enough power to hit a target at longer distances – you can see how important it is for your airsoft gun to have the right size of the loader.

In order to lower FPS, you need to choose a loader that is 0.2mm smaller than the inner barrel. For example, if you have an inner barrel with a diameter of 6mm then your loader should also be 6mm in diameter and 1 layer thick.

Lowering FPS in airsoft spring rifles

To lower FPS in your airsoft spring rifle, you need to buy the right size loader. The most common sizes are: 1 layer thick (0.2mm smaller than the inner barrel) and 2 layers thick – 0.4 mm smaller than the ID inner barrel.

Spring rifles can be modified either by relieving internal parts or making new ones. The first option is the easiest one but it doesn’t always give good results because there is no guarantee that the gun will work after modification.

Lowering FPS in gas guns

Gas guns have a small nozzle where the air goes into the cylinder when you pull the trigger. When you buy a loader, make sure to choose a 0.2mm bigger one than the nozzle – that way you will be able to screw it tightly onto the gun. If your airsoft has a gas spring, then you have to use 2 different loaders: 0.2mm smaller than the inner barrel and 0.4 larger than the nozzle diameter.

Lowering FPS in airsoft automatic electric guns(AEG)

In order to lower FPS in your airsoft electric gun, you need to choose a loader that is 0.3mm smaller than the inner barrel diameter.

If you want to make new parts, then you have the option of raising or lowering FPS by doing so. If your AEG has a tight compression spring and it’s giving 250fps, you can lower the FPS by making a lighter one. Also, changing to a longer inner barrel or bigger nozzle will help in lowering the fps that your airsoft gun gives.

If you modify any parts of your airsoft gun, then you need to test it thoroughly before using it on a game or competition – just like you would need to do with a spring rifle.


To conclude this article, there are many things you should consider when choosing the right airsoft gun for you. Lower FPS is an important aspect of your gun that we discussed in this article and it should be taken into consideration before you buy such a product. You could also have a look at the reviews of other airsoft guns while learning more about them.

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