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How Do Airsoft Grenades Work?

by Max
How do airsoft grenades work

How do airsoft grenades work?

Airsoft grenades are replica explosive devices that can be carried and thrown just like their real-life military counterparts.

The grenade itself is made up of two components: the body and the ignition system. When ignited, an airsoft grenade’s body will explode with a loud bang.

Airsoft grenades are designed to simulate the actions of later-generation explosive and non-explosive hand grenades. Airsoft grenades typically consist of a housing or container that is filled with an airsoft BB, 6mm plastic discs called “bbs”. The bbs are held in place by a retaining device such as elastic bands or rubber ring strainers.

When the grenade is detonated using a fuse it pushes the retaining device outwards releasing the bbs from the container/housing. When released, these bbs will scatter around depending on how strong winds are at that time and will be propelled towards nearby targets. These types of airsoft grenades can also be found fitted inside larger devices such as mock cannons making them even more effective against advancing targets.

What type of airsoft grenade should I use?

If you’re looking for a good starter airsoft grenade then the M203 grenade is a great option. The size makes it quite easy to throw and it does not produce too much recoil which means that you will be able to activate the fuse as well as aiming the device without having to worry about losing your aim.

The small shape of this airsoft grenade can also make them very useful in close quarters combat situations where it is often hard for players to maneuver around each other. In these situations, an airsoft grenade could prove quite effective because they are fast-moving and do not require any extra effort from the player using them unlike with some other types of grenades. However, there are two main drawbacks to this type of airsoft grenade.

The first is that the type of grenade casing used does not lend itself to effective range use. The small size means that an M203 can only travel around 15-20m before it runs out of power and falls to the floor. Additionally, although one of the advantages with this device is its small size, this also makes it harder to accurately throw.

The second drawback is that the M203 airsoft grenade is a ‘single shot’ type of device which means that once it has been detonated, you will need to get rid of it before it can be used again.

What types of airsoft grenades are available?

There are numerous different types of airsoft grenades available:

Single-shot devices: As we have mentioned, these airsoft grenades do not work like the M203 and are a ‘single use’ device. Once detonated they cannot be reset and will need to be discarded before being used again.

Multi-shot devices: These airsoft grenades reset themselves after being detonated and can therefore be used multiple times. They can be un-synchronized or synchronized which refers to the number of shots that can be made with one detonation of the device’s fuse mechanism. Un-synchronized types release multiple projectiles from one grenade every time it is set off whereas synchronized varieties only fire one bb at a time but in quick succession such as a shotgun effect.

This is an important difference to bear in mind when purchasing an airsoft grenade because if you are using an un-synchronized grenade then you will not be able to take out more than one target in a single throw.

The different types of airsoft grenades that are available include:

Water/BB Grenade: These airsoft grenades are filled with either water or bbs and can be used for training purposes at close range. They have small marks on the exterior which make them look just like real explosive devices, so use caution when using them. It is also recommended to keep some distance between yourself and these airsoft grenades as they do produce an aerosol mist when activated called “blowback”. This could cause injury if inhaled, so play it safe.

The water ones are filled with either colored water or dye and can be used for marking an opponent at close range or as a distraction device. The bb grenade is just what it sounds like, simply a collection of bbs all in one place which you release from the grenade using some string/wire attached to the device’s activation mechanism. These airsoft grenades can travel quite far when thrown so try them out if you want to hit your targets from a distance. – Multi-shot grenades: these are more accurate than single-shot devices because they only fire one projectile at a time but this means that they will give you greater accuracy over longer distances compared to single-shot models. One thing to remember though is that their fragmentation effect isn’t as powerful as a single shot airsoft grenade.

Spare shell belt models: These airsoft grenades come with special belts which are designed to fit into the device like an ammo clip which allows you to carry more rounds than if they were stored on your person alone. This makes them ideal for close-range skirmishes where you will be able to continuously throw out many airsoft grenades due to their large capacity.

Single/multi-shot M203’s: These are airsoft grenade launchers modeled after the famous ‘M203’ rifle attachment used by armed forces worldwide, including the US army – these launchers typically fit onto real M16 or M4 rifles.

The airsoft grenade launchers function as an under-barrel attachment to your airsoft gun and are then fired in the same way that you would normally fire a magazine of plastic BB’s. They even have specially designed mechanisms within them that actually release several bbs at once, just like a real grenade would.

There are many different types of airsoft grenades available and they can be used for many different purposes, so whichever you decide suits your needs best, you’re sure to have a lot of fun with them in airsoft!

Can airsoft grenades be thrown long distances?

Airsoft grenades can be thrown more than 50 feet with accuracy depending on the type of grenade. The key thing to remember is that airsoft grenades are not meant to be used as a long-range weapon, but they can be thrown for greater distances if you choose.

Can airsoft grenades be reusable?

Yes, if you are lucky enough to find a spare shell belt lying around then you will be able to reload the airsoft grenades. Please note that the airsoft grenades themselves cannot be reloaded, only the belt/clip.

How to reuse airsoft grenades?

Empty your airsoft grenades by removing the belt from it’s housing within the grenade and then empty each individual shell into a bucket of water. The BB’s should float on top of the water which means you can drain the water away and then begin to dry each shell using a towel or similar.

It is vital that you carefully check them over for cracks as any damage to the airsoft grenade will mean that it will not work when you try to reload them. Once you’re sure that they’re all ok, you can use some thin superglue to seal each airsoft grenade shut and to make them airtight again. This will allow you to store them correctly and keep them ready for use at any time.

Are airsoft grenades a good choice for beginners?

Airsoft grenades are a versatile weapon that can be used for both long and short ranges. They will help you build up your aim and accuracy with airsoft guns, which is why they’re a great choice for new airsoft players.

As there are so many different types of airsoft grenades, you can choose the one which will suit your game play style best. You may even want to buy a multi-shot airsoft grenade with spare shell belts so that you always have an ample supply of ammo at hand for fast-paced action.


Airsoft grenades are a fun addition to any airsoft skirmish and are great for marking your opponents at close range, or as an initial distraction device to throw off their aim. They’re also very useful if you want to try out some grenade tactics without blowing anything up! The different types of airsoft grenades give you lots of options for choosing the best one for your needs, so take a look and see which types suit you the best – you will have great fun with airsoft grenades!

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