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What To Wear For Airsoft?

by Max
What To Wear For Airsoft

Since airsoft is a sport that requires players to wear certain equipment in order to make the game more realistic, it’s important to know what kind of clothes you need for the game, and how they should be worn.

The uniform you wear is up to the game organizers, but here are some guidelines that will help you choose what clothing and gear best suits your game.

What to wear for airsoft?

Knowing what to wear when playing airsoft can be overwhelming. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the airsoft clothing and gear you need.

Generally, airsoft clothing is made from lighter fabrics such as cotton and nylon. The two main features that you should look for in airsoft clothing are comfort and protection. Some airsoft clothing will have padding to protect you from injuries, but most airsoft players usually wear a vest or body armor.

Head protection

No one wants to be hit in the head, so a helmet is essential.  In airsoft, there are two main types of helmets: full and open face.

Open face helmets usually have less protection than full-face helmets but they can be worn with most other airsoft clothing.

Full-face helmets offer more coverage for your ears and face, but they can’t be worn with goggles because they look into the space between your face and the helmet. If you choose to wear a full-face helmet on top of your goggles, make sure that it has a chin strap to hold everything in place.

Airsoft masks

Airsoft masks are used by airsoft players who want to protect their faces. They are held in place by a strap that goes behind the head and has goggles built into them so you don’t need any separate ones.

Airsoft masks will protect your face and head. They are usually made from padded nylon, so they will be able to take a few shots before you need another one.

Jacket & trousers

Your main airsoft clothing will be a jacket and trousers. If you want to get a full impression of your character, go for woodland-style camouflage. You will need at least one of these jackets so you can take it off when you are too warm or when you need to access your gear.

Airsoft jackets are very versatile and can be worn with an airsoft vest or airsoft body armor. You might want to go for a long, dark waterproof coat if it’s going to be cold, and a lighter one if it’s warm.

There are different kinds of trousers: cargo, BDU (battle dress uniform), and combat. What kind should I buy? It depends on whether or not the game is going to be night-time oriented, if there’s going to be snow involved, etc. For daytime games, combat trousers with knee protectors and pockets for additional equipment work fine. Again, what works best is up to various factors such as player roles (assault vs. sniper vs. support) and the scenario played (urban, forest or snow).

Airsoft gloves

Besides protecting your hands, airsoft gloves are meant to improve your aim by providing an easier way to grip the gun’s handle. Gloves also provide protection for your skin.

There are three types of airsoft gloves: light, medium, and heavy.

Light gloves protect the top portion of your hand but leave your fingers exposed so they still get some flexibility in movement. Light gloves usually have foam padding on the back as well as the palm to protect you from getting hit or from slipping off your gun’s grip.

Medium airsoft gloves provide more protection by covering the back of your hand and going up to your wrist. They are made with thicker padding for extra protection in case you get hit.

Heavy airsoft gloves have added density on the knuckles, so they look like boxing gloves. This kind of airsoft glove is very useful for airsofters who play the role of a sniper or an airsoft gun operator.


For footwear, boots are always preferred. You can go for plain black leather boots, military-grade combat boots with ankle protectors and sturdy laces, or anything in between that makes you feel comfortable. The most important thing is to have your feet protected at all times, unlike what some players do which is wear sandals or running shoes when they play airsoft. This kind of footwear only serves as an invitation for a potential injury not only to yourself but also to other fellow players.

Additional airsoft clothing & gear

There are other types of airsoft clothing and gear that you can buy or make to complement your uniform.

An airsoft vest is usually worn over an airsoft jacket, particularly if the latter has no additional pockets or pouches for equipment. A vest also helps to hold all your uniform’s stuff in place while at the same time giving you quick access to them.

Airsoft vests come in different types. You can go for a simple vest that has just one large pocket on the front or sides of your airsoft uniform, or you can get a multicam patrol assault vest that is used by military personnel. The latter kind will have lots of pockets as well as pouches for your magazines and an adjustable sling.

Another portion of your airsoft clothing is a magazine pouch that will hold your magazines in place so you can quickly reload. You can have one hand on your gun’s grip and the other on your magazine for an immediate reload.

Lastly, you can get a utility pouch or airsoft butt packs to hold your spare batteries, BBs, first aid kit, toolkit, flashlight, and other things.

Recommended clothing & gear for indoor airsoft games

The recommended airsoft clothing for indoor games is a plain black long-sleeved T-shirt, cargo pants, and boots. You may also go for long johns or thermal underwear beneath your cargos so you can stay warm inside.

You can also go for a standard battle dress uniform that has the same color as your cargos and boots so you look like you belong to a military unit. It’s always best to start with a solid color like black, camo green, or gray and add more detail in the form of patches and badges.

Recommended clothing & gear for outdoor airsoft games

The recommended airsoft clothing for outdoor games is the same as indoor ones except you may want to go for a full-face mask, preferably with an anti-fog lens.

It’s important that your gear have a camouflage or woodland pattern that matches the field environment. Your uniform should also be able to cover most areas of your body like chest and arms to avoid detection.

Airsoft clothing for hot temperatures

If you play airsoft in a tropical or hot and humid environment, it’s best that your helmet has mesh covering the top portion of your face to help prevent sweat from dripping down. The same goes for your vest, jacket, and gloves.

You should also make sure that your uniform is lightweight as possible so you can run with ease while wearing it.

Airsoft clothing for cold temperatures

If you play airsoft in a low-temperature environment like the mountains, make sure that your helmet has an ear and neck protector to shield you from low wind speeds. Some players also wear balaclavas to help protect their faces against the cold.

Cover as much of your body as possible with your airsoft clothing to keep warm.

The best airsoft clothing brands

There are different brands of clothes that work well for airsoft players because they are tough, reliable, and affordable. Some of these companies are:

  • 5.11 Tactical Series
  • Condor Outdoor
  • Evike

With the constant advancement of airsoft technology, you can find a variety of reliable airsoft clothing and gear that will give you an edge in the competition. But more importantly, as an airsoft player, it is your responsibility to make sure that you wear the right clothing to protect your body overall. The airsoft clothes should be comfortable to avoid giving you rashes and soreness.

Is it possible to find all airsoft gear and clothing pieces in one place?

Well, since you can find all these things at one store, it is easier to get everything in one place; but if there isn’t an airsoft store near your area then it might be difficult to get all this airsoft clothing and gear.

It’s best to shop for airsoft clothes and gear online because you can see what they look like and find a better selection of colors, sizes, etc. Also, you will be able to get an idea about whether or not the items are worth that much before you purchase them.


With proper airsoft clothing and gear, it’s easier to enhance your performance on the field. You won’t be as cold and you’ll have less fog in your mask when you’re outdoors. With the right gear for different situations, it becomes easier to face whatever challenge comes your way.

If you want to be taken seriously, dress like a professional airsoft soldier. But of course, having good skills is the best way to impress people, so make sure that you practice often in order to perfect your game!

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