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What Do Airsoft Guns Shoot?

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What do airsoft guns shoot

What do airsoft guns shoot and how does it work?

Airsoft guns shoot spherical 6mm plastic BBs. They are sometimes called airsoft pellets; they are not the same as shotgun pellets. Typical airguns can fire extremely high velocities, but airsoft guns never exceed 400 fps (177m/s).

Airsoft guns fire 6mm BBs that can break when they hit hard objects at high velocities – such as bone or paintball masks. The same goes for steel BBs fired from a powerful airgun or sling-shot, so be careful when using these.

Airsoft guns were originally designed to be used in military simulation and training simulations. They can still be used for these purposes, but airsoft guns are also now widely used for other sports.

What types of airsoft BB’s are available?

Most airsoft guns are only compatible with 0.20g and 0.25g BB’s, but some airsoft guns can also fire heavier BBs such as 0.30g or even 0.43g bbs.

Airsoft guns that use heavy BBs fire them at lower velocities than the lighter BBs, so there is very little performance difference in the field.

The most popular type of BB for airsoft guns is 0.20g bb’s because they provide an excellent compromise between weight (accuracy) and velocity (distance).

Airsoft games such as CQB usually require the use of 0.20g BB’s to allow indoor shooting.

Airsoft skirmishes usually require 0.25g BB’s to ensure safety indoors where shots are not so predictable. Airsoft snipers will often use heavier BB’s because they hit harder and travel further, but this doesn’t mean that you have to use heavy BB’s for airsoft sniping!

What size BB’s should I use?

As with paintball, the size of airsoft BB’s does not affect their performance. 0.20g is the most common weight because it averages a good compromise between distance and accuracy, but you can also use 0.25g bb’s to increase long-range accuracy or heavier weights for maximum power in your airsoft gun.

How far do airsoft BB’s travel?

Depending on the power of your gun and the type and weight of your BB, you can expect to hit targets up to 100m away.

Some electric guns are capable of firing BB’s at higher velocities than spring guns and can therefore reach further.

Airsoft guns are most accurate at short distances, so they are best used for indoor skirmishes where maximum accuracy is required.

How do we categorize airsoft guns?

About 60% of modern airsoft replicas are made by Taiwan companies (Lui Heung Commercial Co., Tokyo Marui, JG), with the remainder being manufactured in China (Sino trademark). The remaining 10% market share is taken up by Japanese producers like Marushin, Soft air and Tokyo Army.

Airsoft guns are cataloged according to their quality, power, and price level. The cheapest variant is made mainly of plastic with a metal gearbox and has no hop-up (elevation mechanism). The more expensive variants are made of high-quality ABS plastic. Some types can also be made out of fiber-reinforced plastic or metal.

The next higher level airsoft guns have better internals such as the spring that propels the BB out and an upgraded gearbox.

A top-level airsoft gun can have a metal body, upgraded spring and gears, and high power.

What kind of airsoft weapons are there?

Airsoft guns come in different colors based on their quality level. This is somewhat similar to the difference between silver and gold jewelry; it doesn’t mean that the color of the airsoft gun has anything to do with its power.

All airsoft guns can be divided into four general categories: spring, electric-powered, gas-operated, and AEG (automatic electric gun).

Spring and electric powered airsoft guns are low-priced and affordable. They have no moving parts except for the trigger mechanism. It is quite difficult to learn how to use these airsoft guns properly.

Airsoft gas-operated weapons have a spring that is located inside the magazine – and this spring is what propels the BB out of the barrel. They are generally in an intermediate position between low-end and top-end airsoft guns. Gas-powered airsoft replicas are more complicated to use than spring-powered airsoft guns.

AEGs are top-level airsoft guns, but they are quite expensive and may not be affordable for some people. In this category, there is a wide variety of barrel lengths, the ability to change the power level (fps), and price range.

The main differences between airsoft and BB guns

Airsoft is a replica of modern military rifles with working mechanisms. BB guns mainly serve the purpose of entertainment or as sports gear for hunting and target shooting.

BBs do not hurt when they hit someone, but airsoft pellets can cause injuries if they are not used safely.

Airsoft guns shoot BBs that range between 0.12g (0.10g) and 0.40g (0.43g). BBs are most common with guns that shoot at 0.20g – 0.25g. They are smaller in diameter than a BB, but the outer surface has been hardened with an epoxy coating or zinc plating.


In conclusion, airsoft guns shoot small BB bullets that have been hardened to prevent wear on the internal mechanisms of the gun. The 0.12g (0.10g) is considered a minimum weight and lower weights are generally not recommended for use in airsoft weapons since they will not be accurate or powerful enough to hit targets at longer distances.

Airsoft, although made to resemble a real weapon, is not intended for use as a real gun. You should be 18 years of age or older when purchasing airsoft guns. It’s best if you do some research on the area and make sure that you are allowed to own and play with an airsoft gun before doing so.

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